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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
Like. Thanks for the update/port Banned!
You're very welcome. I have already used your script to create workarounds for two different issues where REAPER have hardware sending 'problematic' NRPNs (see here and here). Without it, I probably wouldn't even have tried to do that using OSCII-bot. So a big thanks to yourself again!

Btw, especially when converting MIDI input to MIDI output, it seems useful to have *two* sets of msg1, msg2, msg3 'special' vars in OSCII-bot, so you could use one set for parsing MIDI input, and the other for constructing MIDI output. Now, whenever you construct a MIDI message, you lose the last incoming message, so you'd have to store its values manually, copying back and forth. So how about adding something like msg1out, msg2out, msg3out? Does that make sense?
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