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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
OSCII-bot 0.3 is up, with all of the modernized string support from JSFX. It also has mutable literal strings (unlike JSFX), and some other goodies that ended up in ReaScript/EEL, such as eval() support:

#foo = "var = ";
#foo += "32";
eval(#foo); // var = 32
Also included is tcp_connect(), gfx_init(), etc. I need to make OSCII-bot generate documentation too... Maybe for 0.31.

Edit: here's some documentation: (updated with string info)
Oh, some cool stuff there! Thanks!!

I just made some string related functions, but I can now probably throw them out again.

Adding the ability to create custom GUIs from OSCII-bot scripts is excellent; I was going to suggest that - and not only because console logging can be pretty harsh on the CPU. Pretty cool demo script showing I/O there, too (although not quite readable, hehe). Will definitely need to dive deeper into that stuff...

Would it perhaps make sense to add something like the @slider stuff from JS's generic UI, too? That may be an easier (although less flexible, of course) approach to adding some visual feedback and/or control to the user.

The OMNI snooping thing looks quite useful, too.

A little suggestion: when pressing the escape key, OSCII-bot quits (at least, on my Mac it does). Imho it should be slightly more persistent.
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