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Default VU meter script

Here's another script for OSCII-bot v0.3, which may be useful for demonstration (of how OSC message parsing, OSC to MIDI conversion, and custom GUI drawing can be done using OSCII-bot), or perhaps even actual use (e.g. if you have a spare screen at the other end of your recording room, something like this could be useful): VUmeters.txt. The .zip download also includes a .ReaperOSC configuration file for REAPER's OSC Control Surface feature, optimised to use with this script (the Default configuration should also work just fine, though).

As the name suggests, this script draws a bunch of VU meters on the screen (with track names / numbers) and absolute or musical time as a bonus. The number of meters can be configured, and the window allows resizing so you can make them any size you want. The meter color goes from green to yellow to red over certain levels - but can also be configured to use trippy rainbow colors instead.

The script can also send MIDI CC# out, so if you have a MIDI controller with a bunch of LEDs or other visual value indicators, you can use it as a VU meter strip as well (tested on my BCR-2000, but should be able to work with most MIDI controllers; not yet optimized though, so be aware that it may sends a *lot* of MIDI data!). Or maybe control a light show with it...
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