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Originally Posted by AmmoniumNitrate View Post
I never doubted your observations, but your interpretations were bad and still are bad, if you're still assuming bit-shifting is the only way people are converting from ints to floats; if you're still doing "null tests" by subtracting whatever Audition happens to come up with; and if you still expect to find 0-bits in floats when you shouldn't expect it.
I see that you still have concerns about my posts, so now that the original problem has been resolved it's probably OK to address them.

Firstly though, I paid you the respect of spending a large amount of my time addressing your concerns in posts #6, #10 & #11 (see post #16), posts #18, #20, #21, #22 (see post #33), post #26 (see post # 34), and post #37 (see post #40). And I did this in spite of the often condescending style of your posts.

By the end of post #40, I felt that the thread was in danger of losing its focus, namely where were the discrepancies in the lowest 8 bits coming from. So I politely told you I wouldn't address any more your posts, and also politely told you how they were making me feel. And because you had consistently questioned my processes and interpretations without offering any alternatives I effectively asked you to prove me wrong. Your reply in post #41 struck me as beyond the pale, but other people less involved than you or I are probably better able to judge that.

I'll address your technical questions in a new post...
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