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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
To clarify:

This behavior is a bug in the Zoom ASIO driver -- it tells the host application that it is returning 32-bit integer samples, by setting the format to ASIOSTInt32LSB, and filling in the low 8 bits of each sample with various values. REAPER is merely interpreting the data as it should according to the spec.

The Zoom ASIO driver should probably either zero the low byte of each sample, or use the ASIOSTInt32LSB24 sample type.

We could work around this by treating ASIOSTInt32LSB as ASIOSTInt32LSB24, which is probably completely safe, however there is really no benefit (as these low bits are meaningless and should have no effect whatsoever when writing normal PCM data), and in theory if the state of the art of converters should improve, we could someday see meaningful bit depths of greater than 24 bits, which would then be lost.

TL;DR: Zoom driver is wrong, but without any consequence. We could fix on our end, but no real point.
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