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Originally Posted by dixo View Post
How is this supposed to work? Should the OB script explicitly query all relevant plugin parameters when a new track is selected if that is even possible? Or is there a smarter/simpler way to get Reaper so send the current parameter values?.
Hi dixo,

What you describe is (more or less) possible (I'm occasionally using a BCR-2000 like that myself); the behavior depends on what configuration you're using for the OSC Control Surface setup. Note that you are now dealing with *multiple* selections: one for REAPER, and one for the control surface. Flexible as this may be, it sounds like you would want to change the "DEVICE_FOLLOWS" setting to "REAPER", so one follws the other - perhaps that makes most sense to you, at leat initially. Read the comments in the Default.ReaperOSC file for more info and related settings.

Glad to hear the logging script is useful to you, btw. But, as a disclaimer: I'm not 100% certain one can say that REAPER isn't sending something only because the script fails to show it.
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