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Originally Posted by dixo View Post
I have been experimenting a lot with various .ReaperOSC files, but keep running into stuff that does not work.
That could mean I don't understand how all of this works (most likely), or that there is something strange with Reaper OSC.

The track related stuff seems to work more or less as I expected, but I can't seem to get the FX related stuff working well.
Indeed, it's probably some misconfiguration in your end - this sort of stuff typically works just fine. However, do note that this thread is about OSCII-bot, not about REAPER's OSC capabilities. So perhaps let's move the discussion elsewhere?
Originally Posted by dixo View Post
I expected Reaper to send the names and values of all the FX and FX parameters upon track change: the new track is always outside the current bank of the device (track bank size is 1) and the FX bank has place for data from multiple FX and FX parameters.
But it doesn't work, Reaper does not send any FX parameters at all.

Can anyone explain why? How does Reaper decide when it has to send FX and FX parameter info? What am I doing wrong?

All help will be greatly appreciated!
Haven't replicated your setup (not in studio atm), but it seems that you have to include the track number in your message patterns - even though you only use a single track per bank - if you want the current effect selection to update when switching *tracks* (as opposed to switching *effects*).
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