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Originally Posted by flipotto View Post
Hey, Ok so I downloaded and run this, I copy banned's monitorMIDI+OSC-IO.txt to appdata folder.
The program runs with a black window.
I don't know how to load different programs with this.
Well, apparently, you did - that black window is entirely expected.

You load different scripts simply by putting them in your scripts folder (~/Library/Application Support/OSCII-bot folder on Mac OS X, and for Windows on that AppData you mentioned, I assume).
Originally Posted by flipotto View Post
Nor how to get the midiosc monitor to work.
I have and osc control surface output to but nothing shows up in the monitor window, when I move a slider.

What am I doing wrong?
Could be a number of things, I guess... fwiw, it still works fine here:

Perhaps try uncommenting line 10:
//@input osc_localhost	OSC "localhost:9000" // localhost = (IPv4)
@input osc_localhost	OSC "localhost:9000" // localhost = (IPv4)
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