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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Oooh - you've opened up a can of worms there...

Will look into the problems with the locking screen size bigger than window - can confirm it glitches for me too. It's mainly only the CTL OPTIONS gets left behind at the bottom because it never gets drawn over until you change edit modes.

I think the main issue is with the positioning vertically of the visible strip.

Linux eh - well good to know it's working . I used to run and program in an ancient version of Linux (Red Hat 2 or 3 or something - back in early 90s). I had to manually recompile the kernel just to get the sound card working...

You can tweak the font by searching in the code for gui.fontname = 'Calibri'. You may also be able to change the fontsize (where I've not overriden the default size). There is already code to tweak the size for Macs - I guess it would be easy to do the same for Linux - only I don't know what to tweak it to - not having Linux installed here). If you find any value that works better for you - I will add it to the code.
Ok the problem with locked size bigger than window size should now be fixed.
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