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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
BTW I noticed this:

I'm sure you know these kind of workarounds already but there's this little hack to which I was made aware by a forum member I don't remember right now:
1. Make the script place a Dummy-JSFX with some sliders somewhere in your project
2. Assign your MIDI controller to it
3. Find that JSFX by name (or something else)
4. Read out the values by the script
Maybe that's an option for you
That exact method actually came to me during a 'thinking' session the other day. Glad to know it's a viable option

You can probably place the JSFX on a hidden track so it isn't noticeable to the user.

Will suss out how to implement in JSFX over the coming weeks. Plan to first get everything so far neat and stable.
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