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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Thanks! I will need to ponder this - as my script obviously works across all tracks - that could be a lot of tracks to keep track of and monitor. Depends on the overhead I guess. I am assuming I can get access to the levels of each track of course (not investigated yet). I guess it could be an option - my main worry would be any latency involved in reinstating the bypass settings when audio comes back in - could I ensure it be quick enough? Can I get a lookahead value for the track audio?? dunno.
Thanks for pondering.

I assume there's some technical considerations which is why Cockos doesn't allow us to automatic the track FX bypass.

For what it's worth, I'd happily trade a bunch of added track latency for this feature, as I would generally enable it on tracks I'm not currently tweaking, or tracks with only a small amount of audio, but high CPU usage (not a big fan of item FX for this)...
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