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Originally Posted by Airal View Post
Midi over USB is not Midi.

If it were, it would not be called Midi over USB.
Here's what the MMA has to say:

The original MIDI 1.0 Specification called for using a 5-Pin DIN cable to connect MIDI compatible devices, but today there are many different "transports" capable of carrying MIDI data, and the specification for 5-Pin DIN has been updated.
Here is the Device Class Definition for USB-MIDI. BTW, "USB-MIDI" is the name, "MIDI over USB" is just a description:


UWP is only for Windows 10. Cockos/Reaper *should not* need to do anything, because even if BT MIDI devices do not present as standard MIDI devices, there will exist UWP programs to take BT MIDI and send it to a standard MIDI port.

If anyone would like to gift me a sweet BT keyboard or control surface I have a Win10 box and wouldn't mind some C# time (yeah I'm weird).
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