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I had been using Sonar for nearly 20 years, looked around at what was out after Gibson tried to kill it off.
I've been lurking about here for a while now, seeing what's happening and I've had a bit of a play with Reaper.
I tried your Program*edit* *script (or whatever is the correct term)* on a dozen project files last night, ok so it wasn't laid out how I would like, (I'm not loving the folder track/channel, wish it was just a benign folder rather than an actual track) but beggar can't be choosers, and you have saved me a LOT of hassle and time, exporting and importing tracks.
First class my friend, gold stars all round.

Even with the news of Bandlab buying Cakewalk, I'm not bothered, I've found a new home, with so many amazing people, doing extraordinary things. And a community forum as helpful and passionate about Reaper as the Cakewalk's was, which is a huge thing in itself.


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