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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
And now comments:
1) ReaCWP is not a script. It is a (far from small) C program.
2) I have decided to "dive" Sonar users strait into Reaper cascading tracks approach. I understand that someone can find that odd, so I have done the whole routing by sends without master sends. That means all tracks can be reorganized arbitrary way, including "flat" or some dummy folders, without affecting the sound.
3) I am new in Reaper. And I am open for other approaches for everything, including resulting project structure. In case proposals are consistent, have transparent logic and do not interfere with some limitations coming from original projects.
So far your program has been flawless,(I kinda knew it was more than just a script)
I really appreciate the routing, as it allowed me to get rid of the folder tracks (as you have said) without any issues, and took about a minute tops.
I find no faults or issues in your approach, perfect and logical.
I personally would use track folders if I had the option to place them at the right hand side of my mixer, (personal choice / throw back to analogue desks) but only option within Reaper (afaik) is group to left, which is just plain wrong in my
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