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Originally Posted by Andrew479 View Post
at present windows/osx vst are not supported in linux build of REAPER without additional tools - are there plans for implementing support for cross OS VST compatibility straight to REAPER?

Currently it seems more viable to run REAPER through WINE (due to lack of vst plugs natively for linux), because then Win VST support works as it should. LinVST seems to be troublesome when plugins try to reach out to external resources.

Also are there plans for LV2 support?

I'm not a dev, but an interested user. LV2 is most likely coming some day, can't tell you when.

Running OS/X plugins on Linux is impossible, as there is no infrastructure for it, maybe some day.

Regarding support for Windows VSTs I haven't gotten a clue. There are some solutions that are quite good depending on Wine support to run the plugins. But however you turn this, it's a miracle... You are running plugins meant for another OS in an application...

IMO it would be good if reaper could include this, as it's most likely very important to many users, and Wine will just keep on improving so there are good chances that more plugins will start working. On the other hand, maybe the reaper devs have overall more important things to tackle..

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