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Originally Posted by Nantho View Post
Very impressive !

I wish I were able to build such an amazing and useful tool...

I understand that not everybody is able to build this kind of controller, even a full blown kit would be a challenge if you're not experienced soldering small components. For the people that could build such a controller but wouldn't know where to start there's the code (currently some 2000 lines) and the PCB (all through hole, no SMD) to help them get going.
It's a shame that OSC has not yet been adopted more, a classic chicken-egg problem; There're no controllers because DAW support is lacking and DAWs don't implement it because there're no controllers. Reaper is really ahead of the pack when it comes to OSC support.
Currently I'm working on the PCB design for the large controller with the two screens and 16 rotary encoders. I already determined that 4 rotary encoders is not enough for controlling plugins, there's just too much switching of parameter pages involved to be practical. For track control only (volume, pan, sends) the four encoders work very nice.
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