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Okay so I've done some rewriting and recoding and put it into a project.

Cleaned up slider code and added support for automation, added a very simple form of volume leveling so that it wouldn't blow 20 dB spikes. Demoed in a very primitive form over the wine glass sample and a few free drum loops from Landr.

Of the reference plugins I have, none of them seem to work well with fast mixes or drum loops. If you can suggest changes to my code that would improve functionality you are more than welcome to, but at this point it seems to work best with single sounds or slow to mid tempo mixes and drum loops. My test track was "Ten Crack Commandments (Star Wars Remix)" and it worked pretty well over that...

developed with Reaper Windows x64 version 5.965

Please leave feedback and I should be able to put out an update in about 3 days.
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