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WOW !!! SO many great songs.

Please make sure you submit your greatest hits to the REAPER Radio.

"REAPER Radio is a streaming radio station of content made using REAPER. The purpose is to showcase content produced with REAPER, and to encourage members of the REAPER community to listen to each other."

I listen to this radio station. I'm amazed by the quality of the songs.

I have not yet heard my songs, but I guess I'm just a drop in the amazing REAPER talent !!!

Do it.

Submit your best songs to the Reaper Radio.

Let's make this free online radio the best go-to place!!!

Note: The only thing I would like to see is a playlist with the artist name and song name, in a real-time list, and maybe an URL to the artist website. Question of knowing, clicking, to learn more and pay homage...

REAPER Radio is like the SURPRISE BROWN BAGS full of candy they used to sell. You never know what you will get !!!


Maybe you can be inside the SURPRISE BROWN BAG ???


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