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Default Line 6 Guitar Port, GearBox 3.72, and Reaper.

The title pretty much sums it up, but in the interest of detail...

I have FL Studio 10 to create beats/drum loops to give me basic backing to come up with bass and guitar. I have Line 6's GuitarPort hardware that I connect my instruments to, and I use GearBox 3.72 (current download) for all my "amplifier" and tonal needs. Now, I need something to record these tracks so I can get everything out of my head and on to my pc.

What I need to know is whether or not GuitarPort/GearBox is compatible with Reaper? If I buy Reaper,will I be able to run my guitar/bass/ukulele through the GuitarPort and record my tracks using the different rigs in GearBox? Also, is FL Studio compatible? Is it possible for me to import drum tracks and loops I've created into Reaper in order to record rough tracks of full songs?

I tried the download of Reason 5 and, while a massive and probably excellent program, I would still need to purchase Propellerhead's "Record" software to the tune of an extra $169.00 above and beyond the $300 for Reason.

Which, ironically, defies ALL reason...

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