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Gearbox is no longer supplied with new Line6 boxes. If
you have it on your PodFarm 2.0 installation and upgrade
PodFarm to 2.51 (current version), Gearbox will no longer
work as a VST - it will only be StandAlone. From 2.51 on,
PodFarm is now the VST. The change happened May 23, 2011.
It will LOAD as a VST but won't PLAY anything. It goes
standalone only. If you record "wet" you're fine.

So if you're using Gearbox as a VST and like it, DO NOT

Note that the only thing the PodFarm 2.51 VST lacks that
Gearbox has is the "hum eliminator". All the presets, amps,
cabinets, effects, etc. are all the same - just arranged
differently in the GUI.

Trust me - I know of what I speak, having just gone
through all of this

I'm simply no longer here

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