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Originally Posted by Ghazkhull View Post
Dude, please don't take this the wrong way... I LOVE that you're trying to help here, but you're pretty out of touch with what I'm trying to find out and accomplish.

I don't need an amp sim. I have that covered. I need recording that WORKS WITH my amp sim. heh-heh

Good stuff Jedi. However, I don't have PodFarm. I don't have PodFarm, AntFarm, TonePort, Airport, CarPort or anything else beyond what I've mentioned thus far.

Ok. ONCE more for the people way in the back, tell me if these equations are true or false:

GearBox 3.72 + GuitarPort = Works with Reaper, current version


FL Studio 10 = Works with Reaper, current version

I don't know how else to explain it. I don't care about other software, or instruments, the best spot to buy doughnuts, Metta World Peace, or anything else other than the compatibility mentioned just above.
Does it work?

Sorry... the only way I have heard in recent times for getting
Gearbox was bundled with a Line6 device with PodFarm 2.0

Gearbox works with reaper. I have it, use it. I don't have
your other software so I cannot comment. My Gearbox no longer
works in REAPER (or anything else) as a VST. It's stand alone ONLY.

Now go pound on someone else. Sorry for the bother. Geez....

I'm simply no longer here
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