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Originally Posted by Jedi View Post
Gearbox works with reaper. I have it, use it.
...and THIS was what I have been asking all along. I realize that you were trying to help before, but your post, like all of the rest of them, were helping something other than what I was asking.

Your reply STARTED with,"Gearbox is no longer supplied with new Line6 boxes. If you have it on your PodFarm 2.0..." The very first thing you typed already had next to nothing to do with my reason for signing up on this forum, asking my questions, and my issues at hand. I was very specific in saying that I had a GuitarPort and GearBox. I was also pretty specific that I did not have PodFarm, TonePort, or anything else. Your opening shot's first two sentences told all I needed to know about your reply.

Before that, these other kind, misguided souls tried to help and they were completely off target, too. At one point, an entirely new and different conversation erupted that had NOTHING to do with my thread. Derailed. Totally. So, if you feel like I beat up on you because I'm frustrated with nobody seeming to grasp what I think are pretty straightforward questions, sorry.

It's a message board. they have been around long enough that everyone should understand that you can't read intent in text. One poster's jokes are another poster's fightin' words.


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