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Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
I would be supportive of a windows version. I do work with FCPX users and being able to read and reconfirm would be a big asset.
You can already do this for your situation if the vision editor is using FCPX.

Just run Vordio on their machine (FCPX is mac only anyway which is why I started with Mac only support). It needs the media online anyway so Mac formatted drives are the main obstacle for windows users.

Vordio produces a self contained REAPER project folder with all the audio copied and transcoded.

That REAPER project created will run on Windows or Mac. They just zip it up and send you the folder. When you want to reconform just send them back the RPP, then they reconform and send that folder back (it will contain any new media).

It only seemed sensible to do a Windows version recently when I added Premiere support as that is multiplatform. Same goes for Lightworks (they have promised to get their XML export working for Lightworks V12.5)
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.
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