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Default Fuck Roland/Edirol

Several years ago when I moved from XP to win7 x64, my Roland PC-300 (released in 2000, non class compliant midi keyboard) is obsoleted because Roland decided to end its driver support. Yes I can still use a MIDI cable and AC adapter but you know... inconvenience. Then I bought a M-Audio class compliant keyboard and put the old one aside.

Yesterday I accidentally found a solution in an unexpected place

The fact that you can install Roland UM-1's driver on PC-300 really pissed me off. That means Roland deliberately crippled my PC-300 even if it actually has a working driver.

I also have a Roland SC-D70 synth/MIDI/audio interface bought in 2001. Its synth engine is same as SC-8820(synth only) which is $200 cheaper but it's line-in quality is even poorer than my $50 soundblaster bought in 2000.

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