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Originally Posted by DrMetal View Post
Thanks for the reply. You really don't think 16 GB is enough? Problem is if you go for much higher, now you're talking >$2K, That's a little out of my price range.

What kind of processors are you guys running?
I said it wrong I guess. Reaper alone is not the problem but when I look at my RAM usage when Reaper is open I have 19.5 GB in use right now (nothing special open besides Reaper). So with 16 GB RAM some part would be written to the SSD (which is not a very big problem anymore since SSD is much quicker than conventional HDDs).

Maybe software uses less RAM in general when less RAM is available but not sure (other users with 16 GB RAM should tell us about their experiences)

regarding CPU I have the 8 core i9

-> but this is the biggest fail ever made by Apple imo!
-> I cannot recommend it, not sure if I can recommend a MacBook at all

For regular office use like mail, browsing, MS office, etc. the CPU usage is typically less than 5% - there is no problem with the machine at 5%. Ok, I found some bib bugs at Big Sur which even the guy from the Apple store was not aware of, but this will hopefully gone with the next releases (maybe they can learn from Microsoft - they managed to deliver very stable releases during the past years ;-).

When I have tons of VSTs open in Reaper (several reverbs, delays, synths) the usage of reaper is around 10 - 15% for a complex track with 50+ tracks. Overall usage of full system is less than 20% then. But this seems to overheat the CPUs completely so the fans start blowing like a hair dryer! I checked with the Apple support and they stated that this works as designed. So the design of a 5K$ power machine obviously is intended to NOT USE THE POWER of it :-)

Further when using Reaper without power supply on even 10% CPU the battery gets exhausted after 2h (while apple has big mouth on their website that battery lasts up to 11h for a long working day haha). I fully understand that with Reaper and using "heavy" load of 10% the battery does not last 11h. I would not even expect 8h. - But 2h at 10% CPU? We are not talking about China toys here right?

With just using Mail and Word I could manage to use it 8h+ completely impossible to get it to 11h. This imo is a more theoretical number when doing nothing with the machine in complete darkness switching the display to minimum brightness and turning anything off that consumes power...

This probably was my last Mac. It is unbelievable how customers are fooled by Apple...
i am really willing to pay a good price - but then you need to get PRO gear and no toys.

Sorry for the long story, I was getting a little emotional when writing ;-)
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