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I think I understand your question... yes you can.

You can use as many synth or sampler outputs as you want, but they have to go to a mixer *inside of Reaper* to mix down to stereo.

If you create a folder where the separate outputs go to the child tracks, you should hear everything.

There is a great JSFX 8 channel stereo mixer that works quite well if you don't want to use folders. if you have 8 outputs on a track, you can put that JSFX mixer as the last FX in the channel. You will be able to mix the 8 outputs down to stereo.

The only reason I do separate outputs is to add different FX on each channel. I do this all the time with drums: the kick, snare, toms, hi-hats, and other cymbals are all on separate tracks *inside a folder* with their own EQ & compressors. That folder mixes the separate outputs to create a stereo drum buss that goes to the main mixer.

Were you sending the multiple outputs to an external hardware mixer? That's the only way I can see that you would need a multi channel interface to hear all of your tracks.

Hope this helps...
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