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Default Script Requests for a reasonable $$$

Hi. There are a lot of clever guys here ready to help anyone for free. However, then spend their time, and time is money. Most guys have donation link, but trust me, donations are so small it doesn`t fit quantity of knowledges and time needed for writing even small piece of code. There are already tons of helpful info and scripts, most of them shared in ReaPack. You can always post your question into Script Request Sticky, but I doubt you`ll get fast responce (or even willn`t) until someone ready to help you will be enough motivated.

I suggest to post here script requests you want badly so you get ready to pay some cash for it. The format is like:
Description: what script should does in as more details as possible. This waaay increase speed of writing a script. Exclude words like "specific FX", "some track" - use instead "focused FX", "track with name X" and so on. The request shouldn`t be abstract, otherwise you need to point what variable you want to be editable. If the desription is very big, simply add a link to the thread or post with request. Please, DONT attach big screenshots/images, it is impossible to read page with REAPER 3 forum theme, thanks.
Suggested payment: $1-$200. Payments over $10 will be sticked to the first post. You must have email or forum PM opened so if someone ready to help you, he can send you paypal info or other way of online payment. If you change your payment from $1-9 to $10+, PM me so I`ll stick it.
Status: active / done. If you get new stuff written personally for you, please find your post and edit your request status so people know you don`t need a script anymore
To scripters:
1) you can share stuff right here OR send to guy who ask by email or private message OR share with ReaPack
2) if you get payment, please quote original request and post here that you did the job
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