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Originally Posted by MIAmbition View Post
Nice kit.

I had to make a couple of changes to the .RPP to get it to work with my Roland TD-3.

I added the following note translations using the stock plugin JS: IX/MIDI_KeyMap. This is because the Toms were not being triggered properly:

50 (41) F
48 (45) A
47 (48) C

In that plug, I had to listen on MIDI channel 10, since that's what the TD-3 transmits by default. I put that plug above the others in that track (MIDI chokes), which is the third track in the project (the MIDI processing track).

The .txt file, which is a modified "00 - Default.txt" file, is attached.

On my Windows 7 machine, I had to put the file in the following directory:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\Data\ix _keymaps\

Hope that helps any others who may need info on this.

I love how you can just barely touch the snare, and it triggers a sound.

Thanks, so nice to have a high quality 'open source' option.
Nice work !
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