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Default Praise -- and a bug maybe???

I love this THEME -- I've never thought of using one to enhance Reaper until now. After checking out the brief competition, it turns out this first one (Theme) is the one I am going to use. I like it quite a bit!!!

However, I have a question.
What is up with the lack of Control Knobs on my Mixer Panel?? To Control/Knob up a FX in a track, from the Mixer Panel view??? Mine is missing... in all Themes... not just this one...

Also there seems to be a dead knob in the Mixer Panel on each track, I am not sure what that is supposed to be?? I LOVE having the width available in each track, I think that is what it's supposed to be, excellent feature!! But mine's not working?? It just sits to the far right and the light stays off???

Anyhow, I freaking love your Theme. Makes me feel like I am sitting in a room full of Compressors!!! Freaking awesome.
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