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Ha. I'm pushing 60 and I've been recording stuff (with little success) forever. Bound to pick up a bit. But listen to this before you decide if I know anything:

I haven't magically "got that sound" - but I think it's gone in the right direction?

If you're interested in /inspired by the sounds associated with particular studios / production houses / whatever, it's going to be useful to (a) listen to their stuff (b) find out about their equipment / facilities / techniques (c) get on top of the essentials (compression / reverbs / eq etc)

If you're aiming to "fake" the sound with plugins - then you want to start with a clean / dead recording. I've got a corner of my cellar draped with duvets, & a big wodge of rockwool on the ceiling. If you've got a room that sounds nice, that doesn't have nasty resonances, & that musicians like playing in (This won't be the case in most domestic settings - unless you live in a mansion), then you can use that sound. The classic way is to put a great microphone a couple of feet in front of a great player, and you're laughing.
it's meant to sound like that...

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