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Smile Reaper for Live Performance

For the past few weeks, I've been successfully using Reaper as the hub of my virtual rig for live performances.

Basically, I have my vocals and guitar running through separate Reaper channels, with some EQ, compression, and delay on the vocals, and my guitar is now running into the Waves GTR Solo plugin. I have this GTR plugin set up so that it is controlled via a midi controller for quick patch switching and virtual stomp box control.

Next up, I have dedicated track with EZ-Drummer and some post fx.

Synced up to Reaper, I also have an instance of Reason running with about 14 virtual instruments, including bass, piano, various synths, horns, strings, etc.

Now, what I've done to USE all of this is, I have a set of grouped tracks for each song that I want to perform. For each song, I'll have midi for drums, routed to the EZ-Drummer track, and various other midi parts, all routed to Reason, bussed to individual channels for control of the different instruments.

I have dozens of songs set up this way, some with just drums and bass, ready for me to fill in the guitar and vocals, and some with up to a dozen tracks, for much more intricate arrangements, but in each case, I'm still performing the guitar and vocals live.

By default, I have muted all the folder tracks (the master for each song). Then, to play any one song, I just un-mute it and press play. Instant "full band" sound.

Anyone else using Reaper for live music?
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