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Originally Posted by norbury brook View Post
I use reaper live, as a host for my keyboard sounds which is quite demanding of a laptop as I use,

Garritan Steinway
Scarbee rhodes through Halion
and 3 Instances of Atmosphere

I run them all at 64 samples using Asio4All and the onboard sound from my bootcamped MacBookPro (Xp sp3)

I use an roland RD700 keyboard which goes into the laptop via USB and an Alphatrack which sits on the keyboard for controlling mutes/levels of the tracks.

been using it for 18 months now,not one hitch

Cool stuff.

In the future, I've been thinking of plugging in a keyboard for my live shows so I can actually perform more parts. I want to be as interactive as possible, and songs like Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" have very little guitar.
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