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Default Thank you

I can see your points. The undo list would be a very clever solution.

I'm only hoping for a list of actions, things that were triggered, regardless of whether by mouse, keyboard shortcut, or whatever else might have triggered the actions.

Maybe I'm wrong but somewhere down deep within Reaper is a place where anything that happens should be recordable--even things scripts do are things that happen. It wouldn't matter where on screen the mouse clicked if what the click caused to happen is what's recorded (not the layout axis in the UI).

The reason I'd like this approach is that quite frequently I have trouble figuring out which particular keywords to search for in the actions list (delete, cut, remove...too many synonymous possibilities). And then when I do locate something, there can be maybe 20 versions of the behavior and I'm not able usually to decide which of them applies to my situation. So creating custom actions would be easier if I could just do what I want to do, and have it recorded.
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