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I know you're far more familiar with Reaper than I am, but I'm still unsure why if Reaper can do something, you can't tell it where to do it and then run a recorded macro. In Word, you're right that a macro can only, say, bold text that you've selected first. It can't know what you want the macro performed on until you direct it to the location within the document.

But actions within Reaper also often require that you specify an item, track, time selection and so on. It's not a real limitation that you have to specify the target of a macro's behavior...

You mention "It doesn't know what you WANT to do." I think it does. You want it to do whatever you recorded previously. Take steps x, y, z, then stop. And these steps are taken on the selection you provide. In other words, a recorded macro doesn't differ at all from a what Reaper calls a "custom action" (a series of actions). I'm just hoping that somehow you could do various things, and have an action list created that would contain all the things you did (except the first thing--such as selecting a track). Then later, you select a different track in a different song, and run the macro. The macro doesn't need to know what track was selected when it was recorded; only needs to know the actions it should follow on the currently selected track. So macros don't need to ask for user input. Any more than custom actions do.

In effect, I just want to make it easier to craft custom actions. As I mentioned, my understanding of Reaper isn't deep like yours, so I have trouble building custom actions using the action list with its many synonyms (cut, delete, remove) and its often multiple variations on the same action...some variations are to me unclear.

Sorry to make such an issue of this. But your original mention of the undo list made me realize that's pretty close to what I'm hoping for...
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