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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post

That's nice to hear. Please let me know if there are any bugs. FRs are also welcome (as long as they are reasonable and doable without impacting performance too much)
Haha, thank you! I was afraid I maybe sounded a bit too pathetic but this update really means a lot to me. After the old days with Sound-/Protracker on Amiga I often tried to get back into tracking, had some quick affairs with milky, buzz and nitrotracker, but I got too used to the comfort and possibilities of "modern" DAWs while at the same time always missing this special something that tracking gave me, apart from the nostalgia ofc. Before the update Hackey was already awesome but it just made me wish it had some kind of sample support and now it does ...

So, I did some more testing and only found two issues so far:
-some (short) samples refuse to loop with certain loop end points. Could not narrow it down any further. I need to do more testing, I guess. edit: It also is depending on the pitch. Resampler skipping past the loop end?
-fine tuning lowers the pitch while increasing the value?

Some things that would be nice to have:
-force loop points to zero crossings (not sure if it already does)
-some possibility to rearrange/move/copy/drag and clear sample slots (edit: just found out copy/paste works, nice!)
-sample indices, while looking good, are hard to read when things get crowded
-importing the filename or some way to name the slots/samples
-extending fine tuning range to (-1 to +1)

edit: and some more
-reset zoom in editor after replacing sample
-adding support for QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards in the js plugin (yeah .. sorry ^^)
-select octave for keyboard inputs and "Play" button

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