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Originally Posted by grobsen View Post
-fine tuning lowers the pitch while increasing the value?
I just realized that the fine tuning probably adjusts the root note and not the sample. So maybe it is working as intended, even if it feels weird to me .

-if two tracks arpeggiate at the same time, only the higher channel will actually do the effect. Retrigger does the same.
-I remember doing two note arpeggios with for example something like "0A 70". This is problematic now since "0" is repeating the last known value > 0. Wouldn't it be better if "00" continues the last set of values while a single "0" represents the base note? edit: considering there are super useful cases for single zeros as a wild card for other effects, this idea was stupid.
-sometimes the last "step" gets stuck when ending the arpeggio while the sample keeps playing but I will do some more testing on this during the next days.

Out of curiosity as this probably was reported before: When selecting patterns with the mouse I cannot select the bottom row. Why is that?

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