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once again, impressive work.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post

I hadn't decided yet whether I want to put that in the UI, or whether I should "learn" that from Hackey Trackey
Oh if that is possible I would suggest you do that with keyboard layout, note map, active octave and maybe color scheme? Just to keep additional options to a bare minimum and keep everything at one place.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Yeah, that's probably some poor communication in the UI on my part. The displayed pitch is indeed the pitch the sample is assumed to have been recorded at. So for example, if you load up a sample playing an A-4, if you set that pitch to A-4, all the MIDI notes will end up where they belong. C-4 will then play a C-4 pitch and so forth. That does mean it's inverted from what you may expect though. Maybe I should make a toggle to choose whether you want this or the other way of displaying the pitch.
I am super ok with how it is now - especially now that I understand the logic behind it. I do not think a toggle is necessary.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
This wouldn't be impossible to change. But then that would mean X Y X, or X X Y then I guess?
I decided with the 0 is continue since that's how Buzz always handled it, and that's the last tracker I used.
not sure what you mean with XYX / XXY
Does the last used value reset at one point? like on pattern start? maybe it would be useful to be able to reset the "0" to an actual zero somehow.. I will try to come up with a proper suggestion.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Multi-outs are added
Interesting solution. I guess I would have preferred to route samples to additional outputs by right clicking or so. I usually try to keep channel count as low as possible as I always found the channel restriction on Amiga to be a very inspiring limitation. I guess it is time to change

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