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Hi sai'ke,

This is my first post here. I'd just like to say many thanks for writing Hackey Trackey. As others have said, it's great to see a tracker inside a DAW. The name is great as well!

I really like the fixed indicator that has just been implemented, too.

I'm still experimenting with HT to see if I can use it regularly, and I'd like to report a couple of bugs:-

  1. When I click on the 'Rec' text at the bottom, with the option 'Always Enable Recording' switched off, it gives me this error:

    ...Roaming\REAPER\Scripts\Tracker tools\Tracker\tracker.lua:9021: attempt to compare nil with number
  2. If I switch on 'Always Enable Recording', it doesn't do this. But if I use the Renoise or custom keymap, then pressing the number keys makes those notes play forever.

And if I may request a feature: it would be good to have an option to focus the Hackey Patterns window when closing Hackey Trackey if it exists, to avoid the need for a mouse click.

Thanks again for HT!


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