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Originally Posted by retrack View Post
Hi sai'ke,

This is my first post here. I'd just like to say many thanks for writing Hackey Trackey. As others have said, it's great to see a tracker inside a DAW. The name is great as well!

I really like the fixed indicator that has just been implemented, too.

I'm still experimenting with HT to see if I can use it regularly, and I'd like to report a couple of bugs:-

  1. When I click on the 'Rec' text at the bottom, with the option 'Always Enable Recording' switched off, it gives me this error:

  2. If I switch on 'Always Enable Recording', it doesn't do this. But if I use the Renoise or custom keymap, then pressing the number keys makes those notes play forever.

And if I may request a feature: it would be good to have an option to focus the Hackey Patterns window when closing Hackey Trackey if it exists, to avoid the need for a mouse click.

Thanks again for HT!

Hey, thanks for the report. Sorry to hear you're having issues with it. Let me see if I can help out.

Second bug is confirmed and should be fixed in v2.66 (just released).

The first one, I am unable to reproduce locally. I suspect I need a specific setting to hit it. I tried to reproduce it on the latest version but was unsuccessful. Just to be sure, could you verify that you are on v2.65 or v2.66 and that it still happens there?

If so, could you send me your config?

On windows itīd be in:
%APPDATA%\reaper\scripts\Tracker tools\tracker\_hackey_trackey_options_.cfg
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