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Originally Posted by retrack View Post
I've seen the same issue again on v2.66. Cfg file attached.
Thank you! That's helpful

I think I found what was triggering the issue with the record button. Were you using the tracker in a very narrow configuration? Anyways, it should be fixed in 2.67.

The stuck notes you were hearing were likely a regression I introduced in 2.66 trying to fix the top row issue (but not realizing it was actually a reaper issue). If it still happens in 2.67, please try and narrow down exactly the steps required to make it reproducibly happen. Preferably with a stock plugin. Recording a gif of it with licecap would also be helpful.

It seems the renoise top row issue (stuck notes from the numeric keys) is a reaper issue that I cannot resolve at this time. When you get a stuck note from that, focus another window to shift the focus. See this bug report:
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