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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
I think I found what was triggering the issue with the record button. Were you using the tracker in a very narrow configuration? Anyways, it should be fixed in 2.67.
Yes, you are right! I had Hackey Trackey docked to the right hand side of the screen, with only one or two columns showing.
Anyway, with your latest change the issue has been fixed now, thanks.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
The stuck notes you were hearing were likely a regression I introduced in 2.66 trying to fix the top row issue (but not realizing it was actually a reaper issue). If it still happens in 2.67, please try and narrow down exactly the steps required to make it reproducibly happen. Preferably with a stock plugin. Recording a gif of it with licecap would also be helpful.
I've tried to narrow this down and I've discovered that it only affects a track I'd set up to route the MIDI notes out. On this track I had clicked on the Route button, and set up the 'MIDI Hardware Output' section to send notes out via a MIDI loopback cable to a synth inside another DAW.
With this setup, if Hackey Trackey is focussed and I press space to stop playback once two different, back-to-back notes have played, the second note will hang.
Talk about a strange set of circumstances leading to this issue.

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
It seems the renoise top row issue (stuck notes from the numeric keys) is a reaper issue that I cannot resolve at this time. When you get a stuck note from that, focus another window to shift the focus. See this bug report:
Sorry to hear that it is an underlying Reaper issue. But anyway, thanks for taking it as far as you can.
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