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64 cores is a *lot*.

I've been looking at building an Epyc based machine. I haven't pulled the trigger on the new machine yet, but I'm now looking at the 16 core Threadripper Pro.

That being said, the (old) version 6.0 change log from says:
* Multiprocessing: auto-detect up to 128 threads
* Multiprocessing: increase anticipative FX hard limit to 128 threads, live FX hard limit to 64 threads

So it looks like from version 6.0 on, Reaper can see and utilize 64 cores/128 threads.

I've read in several places that Intel CPUs are "better" for audio because of the latency that comes from the "chiplet" design of the AMD CPUs. The data cited for those opinions comes from However, the latest tests from 2020 put the AMD chips in a *very* close second to Intel in 1 test, and in the second test (there are only two), AMD kinda blows Intel away. See the details here:

The chiplet/latency thing is affected by RAM speed. If you are into technical info there is an article here:
that talks about RAM speed affecting Infinity Fablric speed (Infinity Fabric is what the chiplets use to talk to each other). The newer DDR4 3400 RAM speed makes a big difference.
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