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Originally Posted by ReaperMadness View Post
May I butt in?

I can't duplicate this issue, either. I am on W7 64 / REAPER v5.70, with a 2560 x 1440 24" Dell display.

Solaris showing transport in every position possible - Top, bottom, docked, not docked, and even if the MCP is on same monitor (not my usual setup, but I thought I'd test). No problems here.

I haven't read-thru entire thread - is it possible that his transport is docked, and docker's hidden? (just a wag).

BTW, Lucas - I don't know if I ever told you... This thing has GREAT layout options and takes colors beautifully. Once again, thank you.
You're welcome!
The Transport issue was fixed in the last update.
I wanted him to try the transport from the other theme because I think it works better overall.
I'll probably just upload the RTCONFIG for him to try like last time.

If you have the latest version and it's still not working, let me know so i can download it and test it.

Originally Posted by Byron Dickens View Post
So far, this is my favorite theme but the marker names seem to be missing from the timeline. Am I missing something?
I thought I fixed that.
Are you using the lateset version?
As ReaperMadness demonstrated, The colors for the item areas can be changed in the Theme Tweaker.
Open the Action List and type 'Theme'.
Scroll down in the tweaker window and find Marker Lane Background and Marker Lane Text.
Once you are satisfied with the changes, you need to save them.
I suggest using a different Theme name.
ex: My_Solaris_LCS.ReaperTheme
This will allow you to use future update without affecting your changes, since I normally only make changes to the RTConfig and the image files.

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