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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
If anybody wants to know how to do a particular task using the plug-in extension API, ask it here and we will either tell you, or interpret it as a request for that particular API!
Hi Justin,

I'd like to know how to access time markers.
An ability to read and write their properties such as Position, BPM and time signature would be great. I've seen there is

TimeMap_timeToQN, TimeMap_QNToTime, TimeMap_GetDividedBpmAtTime,

on the todo's list in reaper_plugin_functions.h i think this comes close to what i'm looking?
Still, a function returning a list or array of marker structs and an OnTimeMapUpdate to pump the modified list back into reaper would be better (i think sws would like something for 'normal' markers as well ).

I thought of attacking this FR: as far as i know it has not been resolved yet.
I need a function to recalc the BPM for markers and update them. In fact this function is almost there: 'Markers: Time signature measure from time selection' but the problem with this is that, the markers on both ends are updated, where only the left marker should.
For making a Drag-Drop Time marker completely transparent in Reaper, a TimeMarkerChanged call coming in from Reaper after the drop, would be perfect

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