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* Clarification for GetSetTrackSendInfo()
I don't understand the comment: "// sendidx is 0..n (NULL on any required parameter to stop)"
"to stop" what ? Because if I use NULL on the 4th param for instance, well, something is stopped, indeed (crash ;-)

* API improvement (correct me if it's already available !!)
- I'd like the 5th param of GetSetTrackSendInfo() not been ignored when it's non-null and when the 4th one is either "P_DESTTRACK" or "P_SRCTRACK" (i.e. read only => read/write). [EDIT] in other words, I'd like to add/update send/recv
- I'd like a new interface similar to: void (*DeleteTrackSend)(MediaTrack *tr, int category, int sendidx);
- I'd like a new interface similar to: int (*GetNumTrackSends)(MediaTrack *tr, int category); this one could help but is not mandatory as there's an indirect way to get that...
- last but not least, how do I edit (+ add, remove) pin connectors within a FX chain ?


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