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Originally Posted by sws View Post
Jeffos, currently the only way to add/remove sends is through the GetSetObjectState() interface. (Defined in the latest SDK available at LoL.) It's a little tricky as it's a string parsing exercise. I've been meaning to write a wrapper class around GSOS to do exactly the types of things you're describing; I'll post up here when I get it done.
Thanks a lot for that, SWS!! I thought my post was just lost in space...

I'm using this "under-coat" SDK, I saw this mysterious GetSetObjectState() but I didn't realize that AT ALL! How do you know that? But... Hummmm.. with your info I understand that the 1st param may be, say, a MediaTrack*, a MediaItem*, etc... and that the XML "slice" is the one we can see int the .RPP files, and sax & dom are good friends of mine...
... but NO! I'll wait for your wrapper, 'cause I've got lot of other issues - begining with a runtime license on the main component I use, needs a switch to LGPL !

I just hope we're not working on the same idea

- Jeffos (future SWS Wrapper user since 1902)
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