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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
ok... couldn't resist... manage to do lot of things thanks to SWS's tip!
But, now I'm stuck here:
<VST "VSTi: ReaSamplOmatic5000 (Cockos)" "reasamplomatic.dll" 0 ""
... I think I known how to decode that, but... then? can someone explain me this kind of byte sequence ? or point me to a doc ?
rmq: this stuff is of course FX type depend. It looks different for a JS, for ex. (plain text)
You are totally out of luck with these opaque data structures. It's the VST plugin's configuration in binary format, encoded here as base64 text strings. It'll be different for each plugin, is in 99.99% of cases undocumented by the plugin maker etc...Pretty much the only thing you can do with these is to copy them as they are or omit them.
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