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hey guys! thanks for the quick replys!!
I recognized the base64. I understand what you say but I still think I should be able to do what I want (see bellow): I understand that some setting bytes are FX dependent but - as it's the reaper's view of them - some common properties should be saved in a common way, perhaps even at the same byte offset (?). What I call a 'common property' is typically audio/midi I/O configuration. Am I wrong (?). TBC by cockos (?)

So Drew,
I know that! Changing param values is NOT what I want to do. What I want to do is to update pin connectors within a fx chain (I'm working on something 'like' but in my own way). I was on the good lane with pin connections: if the FX 'n' is a JS and 'n+1' is whatever-you-want I can see this:
but if the FX 'n' is a VST... nothing => this info seems embedded in that VST plugin's configuration I was talking about (?). But this part should be common to all VSTs, isn't it?

- Jeff

Sidenote: Xenakios, I'll eat some python this WE!
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