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Thank you plush2. Here is my workflow:
1. Create two new tracks. One is for the ambisonic file and the other is for the master send.
2. I load the 4-channel ambisonic file (which is BFormat FuMa). The four channels show up and play in the track fine. I go to Route and set track channels to 8. Then I go to "Add new send" and send to the track designated for the master send. For Audio on the send I change Audio 1/2 to multichannel source --> 8 channels --> 1-8.
3. I then go to Route and change the master send track to 8 channels and keep the "master send" box checked. I set the receive multichannel source --> 8 channels --> 1-8.

In this case, I am not using any plugins, although I have tried this with the various FB360 plugins with the same issue occurring. Interestingly, when I use the Soundfield by Rode plugin and set the output to 7.1, I can see all 8 channels. Weird. I must be missing a step in the routing, but I can't figure it out.
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