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Originally Posted by cjunekim View Post
Sorry for my typo here. I recorded a screencast that shows the issue. Hope this clears the misunderstanding.

When the target is 50% or lower, the feedback transformation(reversal) behaves strangely, outputing 127 only.
This is tracked at GitHub issue 36.

Originally Posted by Piszpan View Post
A simple working example containing e.g. 3 pages/banks, each with 3 parameters would be enough. Of course made for some popular controller (BCR2000, X Touch Mini, Akai Midimix or Korg Nanokontrol) and for some free (or stock Reaper) plugin.

We could then paste this text into Realearn and see how exactly it should be done.
I'll definitely need support in this area because I've none of those controllers myself. But I could start creating such an example with e.g. a Midi Fighter Twister.

Originally Posted by Sherazad View Post
The new feature "Send Feedback after control" solves this problem as one would expect. When the button is released ReaLearn sends again a message to the control surface and the button is properly lit!

Wonderful, thanks a lot
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it works for you now.

Originally Posted by tohubohu View Post
I have this problem only in "touch" mode with Realearn. The automation curve points register with a bug. It is not linear.
See on the link the gif.
Have you ever heard of this problem please? thank you
If you still suspect this is an issue with ReaLearn, feel free to open a bug ticket on ReaLearn's issue page at GitHub.

Originally Posted by ChocolateHawkins View Post
Another issue I've noticed with Realearn is when I map to a VCA master fader, the VCA follow functions (fader, solo, mute, etc.) do not work. Is this a common issue?
It's possible that this doesn't work as I've never tried it myself. It's on the list now as issue 45.

Originally Posted by jpchartrand View Post
I'm trying to save an FX chain that has mappings to Relearn. I save Realearn with the FX chain. My issue is that if I add the FX chain in other tracks that already have FXs, the mappings are all messed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not entirely sure what exactly you were trying to do. It would be great if you could open an issue at GitHub describing in detail how to reproduce this error.

Originally Posted by ChocolateHawkins View Post
My only struggle at this point is the solo mode in Realearn. It doesn't follow the preference settings for solo, or the default solo mode. (So anywhere a track is sent, be it a bus or parent folder doesn't follow the solo function).
This is not a feature yet. Could you open a feature request at GitHub please and describe the expected behavior / solo modes?
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